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At PAR, we understand that sometimes people aren't able to keep an animal. If you find yourself in this situation, we may we may be able to assist you with re-homing your animal. There are, however, a few rules that we go by when taking in an owned animal.

  1. Since we are not a shelter, and rely solely on foster homes for our animals, we cannot take in an animal the same day you contact us. It can take us anywhere from 1 day to 3 months (or longer) for us to be able to find a suitable temporary (foster) home.

  2. Dogs and cats will not be accepted into our foster program until the animal has been brought up to date on it’s vaccines. Owners will need to be responsible for bringing the animal(s) to the appointment. If the animal is current, the owner will need to give us copies of such records along with having their vet office mail the records to our rescue.

  3. Dogs and cats are not accepted into the foster program without a temperament evaluation. Specific exceptions may be made by PAR board members for extraordinary situations such as sick or injured animals. These animals will be evaluated at a later date before becoming available for adoption.

  4.  PAR will not consider an animal that has a reported bite incident.

  5. All animals must be legally surrendered to PAR upon entering the program. PAR will provide a transfer of ownership form at time of surrender. The animal must be physically transferred to a volunteer of PAR or a party specifically designated by a board member of PAR.

  6. All surrendered animals become the property of PAR.

  7. PAR cannot accept stray animals that have not gone through an animal control program. The animal must be declared “legally unowned” by an agency or person with the authority to do so.

If you need to surrender an animal to our organization, please submit a surrender form, and someone will get in contact with you shortly. All fields are required and please make sure to include a picture of the animal.

Surrender a Pet

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